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The Op-Ed Project

One of my favorite things to do is to write angry letters. Letters to my elected officials, letters to the editor, etc.

So when a friend first e-mailed me a link about the Op-Ed Project, I was excited.

The goal of the project is, "...to target and train women experts across the nation to project their voices on the op-ed pages of major newspapers and other key forums of public discourse, which are currently overwhelmingly dominated by male voices."

This is so cool!

Except the classes cost between $300-$325 for one day.

I was all set to rant and rave about the classist implications, and the fact that this high fee would probably disenfranchise many woman that might otherwise be interested.

Then I saw this: "We have a commitment to offer reduced fees for a limited number of participants in need. Please contact us to inquire."

And I hope it's true. Therefore, I'm passing this information along.

And while we're at it, feel free to share your thoughts on this project.

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Your opinion, please?

If I was going to order a Bbell Hhooks book from Amazon today, with which title would you suggest I should start?

Zorah reminded me.....

I did this a long time ago, but I found it again:

My Johari Window.
I find it so incredibly fucked up that sexual assault and harassment is something that I have to deal with every damn time I leave my house.

And it pisses me off even more that it's taken so seriously that when this guy got arrested for the 28th time for sexual abuse, it wasn't considered news.

The 29th time's a charm, I guess.

Stole it from debunkingwhite

This takes literally 30 seconds to do and I found it very illuminating.

How rich are you?

Oh, Spitzer, I thought I knew ye.

I am shocked and saddened by the news that my governor used the services of a prostitute.

And I'm hella pissed off, too. This is a guy that made a name for himself by busting prostitution rings.

Because John's of prostitutes are rarely prosecuted, it seems unlikely that he will face charges. Which is a big pile of steaming, ludicrous bullshit.

Attention: fem-jay brain trust.

I work for a gynecologist that performs 1st trimester abortions. I've worked for her for four years, and have been administrating her malpractice insurance for the last two years.

Up until now, she has been classified as "Uncomplicated OBGYN w/minor surgery coverage," to the tune of about $30K per year.

I just received a letter from our malpractice insurance company stating that 1st trimester abortions are now considered "Uncomplicated OBGYN w/minor limited major surgery coverage." To the tune of $40K per year.

If she stays in the original class/rate, she would still be able to do spontaneous abortion completions and hysteroscopy with dilation and curettage. Which is crazy, because those procedures carry about the same level of risk as an induced abortion.

This is clearly a politically motivated event with no basis in medical reality. In addition to which, we are a small practice that cannot possibly afford $10K in additional fees, especially for a procedure that we perform perhaps once a quarter.

I plan on making this as widely known as possible. I'm going to complain to the high heavens. I've drafted a letter regarding the matter, and plan to send it to everyone under the sun that I think might be interested.

Do the rest of you have any other ideas?

* Insurance commissioner (New York State)
* ACOG district 2
* NYS dept of health
* Hillary Clinton
* New York State Medical Society
* New York County Medical Society
* Center for the Advancement of Women
* Center for Reproductive Rights
* Feminist Majority Foundation
* Catholics for Free Choice

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Artist and educator Angela Shelton has a new campaign this month called "Report IT!" On April 29th, 2008, she is mobilizing survivors across the country to go to their local county courthouses and report sexual violence. These survivors will not necessarily be at the courthouse in order to file police reports. Instead, they will be standing together, declaring that they were victims of sexual assault and demanding that their communities acknowledge them!

In conjunction with this campaign, Angela is asking survivors to fill out a confidential form via the internet (and co-survivors, if the person is not able to do it themselves.) As many of you know, the statistics we currently have on the incidences of rape, incest and assault do not reflect reality. Sexual assault is one of the most underreported crimes there is. Many of us choose not to report to the police for a multitude of reasons (I could write a whole other e-mail on that!) Through reporting online through Angela's campaign, survivors can safely and confidentially (if they wish) stand up and be counted. We can show the world how many of us have suffered from sexual violence and that our cultures need to change.

Here is the link below for you to REPORT IT!!! Please pass this along to friends, family, coworkers.. to anyone who you believe would like to be counted or knows someone who they want to count:


For more information on the campaign and on Angela Shelton, please visit..